The Magic of Rest

To Catch a Falling Star.

We all grew up being told to reach for the stars. If you were lucky enough to be around for the 2000s, S Club 7 also told you to climb every mountain & follow that rainbow.

Whether its New Year or just your average Tuesday afternoon on Instagram, its hustle this, grind that, enhance your productivity here & ace your morning routine there. The time to celebrate meeting our goals is over and now we must smash them with the strength & flare of Hercules (the 1997 Disney version ft. a band of muses and a smile even Essex would be proud of, obviously).

But some days, especially of late, reaching for the stars seems too much of an ask. I can just about reach across my pillow to hit the snooze button tah very much.

Learning to be okay with those days, where my to do list goes undone & my biggest win is brushing my teeth, is something I never expected to happen. Surely any day not spent chasing your dream is a day wasted? ..Actually no. Clearly the word impossible has no place in anyones life in a post-2020 world, because not only am I okay with those days now, I bloomin' love them.

The days when we switch off. Take no action. Do something different. Laze around. Be playful. As paradoxical as it may seem, those are the days when the magic happens.

Because if you’re always focused on putting one foot in front of the other, sometimes you miss a better, easier path.

The idea that achieving your dreams has to be a constant struggle is a big dirty lie. It can be easy, restful, and most definitely fun. When you start looking after yourself, celebrating your journey and taking a god damn break without driving yourself into the ground first, you might just find that you don’t have to reach for the stars at all. They’re always there, dancing around us, waiting for us to pause just long enough to catch them

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